Product quality

The extensive use of software has improved systems functionality and business efficiency but has also introduced a significant risk factor. Malfunction of ICT systems may lead to catastrophic events, critical business consequences or severe information security leaks, putting trust and credibility at risk.

Product quality

The SQALE (Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations) method has been developed to answer a generic and permanent need for assessing the quality of source code. The method can be applied to all deliverables and all representations of the software. By implementing SQALE, you assess the distance to the conformity with your specific quality requirements and can decide upon the necessary remediation cost of bringing the source code to conformity.

The SQALE method is particularly devoted to the management of the technical debt. It allows to
assess and estimate what creates the technical debt and to translate this debt into items related to testability, reliability, changeability and maintainability.


Jean-Louis Letouzey

Jean-Louis Letouzey, senior consultant inspearit: 
"The concept of technical debt is powerful and practical to control the quality aspect of the code of a project. The SQALE method provides a formal framework for the implementation of monitoring that concept."


George LeihGeorge Leih, Manager Business Line Q&I inspearit:

"An integrated quality perspective during and after software projects helps to prevent problems and reduces cost."