process optimization and process automation

Article added on 28 November 2014

Inspearit provides services to optimize the operating performance of your organization through process optimization and process automation:

- Assessment of strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement of your processes
- Implementation of innovative solutions suitable to your context and your strategy:

* Cartography and optimization of your processes,
* Kanban Deployment,
* Automation of your processes using Business Process Management solutions.

How much valuable time does your organization regularly lose because its processes are not well known, not optimized or not automated?

How much time is lost in calling stakeholders who do not have a clear overview of all the tasks to be performed?

Inspearit offers a complete assessment of your processes emphasizing on-field analysis and implementing proven analysis tools like Value Stream Mapping. The assessment report provides the foundations to build the strategic and tactical improvement plan.

Process modeling can also be used to share the operating rules and best practices within the organization and to detect inefficiencies and areas for optimization and automation.

Inspearit can also assist you in deploying Kanban techniques to streamline processes.

Finally, inspearit offers solutions to automate some of your processes in order to achieve productivity gains and better management of your business activities.

Nowadays, Business Process Management solutions enable the modeling of processes and their storing in an enterprise repository. But mainly they enable process automation. Some of these solutions are cloud-enable and can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone.

A major interest of Business Process Management Suites is that they allow you to implement a solution at very low cost with a quick positive ROI. 

Indeed in most cases, the implementation is mainly parameterization (process modeling, design of manual tasks graphical user interface) and is particularly well suited for Agile / Scrum approach.

Business Process Management solutions can be implemented on core business processes but also on peripheral processes (management of procurement requests, expense management, travel booking, integration of new employees, management of IT requests...). Recently, inspearit provided a solution to manage some processes of an IT service center:  management of task requests lifecycle, alert management, SLA calculation from data providing from different systems.

process optimization and process automation

If you are interested in one of these services, thank you for contacting us. We will study the most suitable solution for your needs.

Stéphane Déprès