inspearit’s continued commitment to CMMI

Article added on 9 April 2015

Congratulations to Jean-Yves Guilbaud, CMMI Lead Appraiser and Instructor from inspearit, who will represent inspearit and its customers, together with the needs and concerns from the European CMMI user base, following the election of 3 new members in the CMMI Partner Advisory Board (PAB).

inspearit is SEI partner

The primary role of the PAB is to represent the partner community by providing advice to the CMMI Institute. The board has been founded because the institute recognizes that partners make a significant contribution to fulfilling the CMMI Institute’s mission. The board provides support by collaborating with institute staff to address issues, recommend activities, and produce deliverables.

One of the key activities of the PAB in 2015 is to participate in the working groups involved in the development of CMMI “Next Generation”.