Management board

President: Annie Combelles

Annie CombellesAnnie has more than 35 years experience of system and software management. She started the root of inspearit advisory service company in 1989. Over the last 25 years, she successfully assisted many large organizations in their strategic IT transformation programs for better business value.

Annie is Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Software Magazine and has been nominated at La Tribune Women’s award in 2010.

Director: Yann Hamon

Yann Hamon

PhD in Computer Sciences with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Software Engineering, Yann has managed large software development projects in various industries. As a Chief Architect at Thales, he developed a new technology for Air traffic Control systems. The JHMI Engine won the Australian iAwards 2010 for technology innovation.

Through his international career in Europe, Australia and Asia (he started inspearit operations in Shanghai in 2006), Yann has focused his expertise on transforming software and system development organizations to increase agility and productivity. He has supported numerous clients in implementing practical and innovative solutions to help their organization delivering more value to their customers.


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