Key facts


It’s difficult to tell about revenue growth over the last 3 years ; the global economy has not been good for the market of services! But due to its specific focus on cost control, efficiency of teams, ROI centric transformation, inspearit has maintained a good performance overall. Global economy also means that growth of GDP can be heterogeneous and inspearit has the capacity of capturing good opportunities in Europe and Asia. In a stable perimeter, revenue was 20 M€ in 2015.


170 skilled professionals are split into 5 main operational units. The average age is 42 years and 17% are female, several of them having management positions. 23% have a PhD or equivalent, 54% a Master or equivalent and 23% a Bachelor or equivalent.


The primary market of inspearit is Finance (Banks and Assurance). 50% of revenue is coming
from this segment. Revenue in industries reach 20% with transportation – railways and automotive mainly – being the main segment for our services. Aerospace and Defence follow. In both Finance and Industries, inspearit serves global customers who appreciate the capacity of involving international teams delivering locally. The rest of the revenue comes from local players in public sector and high tech.

Axa, Allianz, Finmeccanica, EADS, Thales, Renault, ING, TNT are just a few examples of customers who trust our capabilities to deliver.