International projects

inspearit is an international organisation with offices and partners in many countries. Apart from local projects we carry out international projects.


The Babel Tower of the so many different approaches to embedded systems safety is now under attack - at least for the transportation domains including avionics, railway and automotive.

OPENCOSS is a project consortium which includes major manufacturers of transportation systems, certification organizations, consulting firms and solution providers,  research institutes  and universities. All these organizations have joined forces to meet one common objective: reduce certification costs and time while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Re-thinking the certification process will allow the stakeholders to minimize rework and to adopt incremental certification running in parallel with the development process. Document-centric will be largely replaced by model-centric certification. Certification costs will be reduced and become more predictable. Subjectivity shall also be reduced by using specific tool support, thus increasing accuracy and auditability. Open-source certification platforms will be set up for a faster and more transparent adoption.

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