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Aligning for customer value

Because today's increasingly competitive environment makes it difficult for companies to survive due to the constraints and limitations of their IT systems, inspearit assists your transformation to enable your future.


  • Juliette Marty joins inspearit Juliette Marty joins inspearitInspearit is happy to announce that Juliette Marty is taking the position of VP Sales France.
  • Les Assises de la Sécurité Les Assises de la SécuritéLes “Assises de la Sécurité”, the yearly major security and cybersecurity event,
  • The end of the project manager The end of the project manager Part 2: Project Management in the enterprise. An organization had invested for years in a project to replace an old system by a new system that had to be future proof. More than 50 people worked hard. In time, many project members changed, including several project managers.
  • The end of the project manager The end of the project managerPart 1: project management within the scope of a project When a football team underperforms, the club's president comes out with the saying "The coach position is not questioned". However, a short time later, the coach is replaced by another coach. With projects, the same happens to the project manager

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